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MQM Own Target Killer Ajmal Pahari

Karachi bloodshed: Method to the madness
April 15, 2011

MQM Own Target Killer Ajmal Pahari..

That MQM was bent upon separating Karachi from Sindh, for the sake of creating an independent ‘Jinnahpur’ on India’s backing. Was an open truth till about 10 months ago? Until one anchor person of a private TV channel, Dr. Danish, declared the movement for establishing Jinnahpur as a white lie, condemning the operation against Mohajar Qaumi Movement as illegal.

Weekly PULSE will once again prove that the factual position is that MQM was, and still is, in constant touch with Indian intelligence, who even abetted in whatever efforts were made to establish Jinnahpur. PULSE’s conviction is backed by the excerpts from the investigation report prepared by the joint investigation Team, comprising officials of various intelligence and law-enforcement agencies based on the interrogation of the arrested MQM activist-cum-target killer Ajmal Pahari.

Ajmal has been held responsible for high-profile murder cases like those of Major Kaleem, DSP Shamim, Azeem Ahmad Tariq, Khalid-Bin-Waleed, Kamal Mustafa, Nishat Malik, KESC chairman Shahid Hamid, Inspector Bahadur Ali, Zuheer Akram Nadeem, Munawar Suhrawardy, Abdullah Murad, Badar Iqbal, Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, Editor of ‘Takbeer’ Syed Salahuddin, PML-N’s Tariq Khan, JI’s Mirza Luqman Beig, Aslam Mujahid, Jamal Tahir, GS Shabab-e-Milli Nazeer Sajid, Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai, PPPP’s Iqbal Mama, Islam Bihari, Shams Bihari, and the recent murder of Journalist Wali Baber. All these murders were carried out on MQM’s behest, which has always trained and maintained an army of target killers, many of whom have been killed in police encounters. Ajmal Pahari, an elite member of this death squad, has been re-arrested. This notorious killer was arrested earlier in connection with the murder of four Americans and their Pakistani driver in 1998.

The ironic part of all this is that investigation officers seem to be afraid of interrogating him. On his information the police and intelligence agencies have also arrested two other notorious killers, David alias Orangi and Saeed alias Bharam. Security officials have shifted the two men to an undisclosed place for further investigations, without acknowledging their arrest. The provincial home ministry had issue a notification on 27th March, after which a joint committee of police, Rangers, MI, FIA, and IB interrogated him. The accused also confessed to killing of around 100 people on the orders of MQM leaders, Wasih Jalil, Anwar Khan, Saleem Shahzad and others. Pulse has acquired a copy of this JIT investigation.

A South Africa-based activist Qamar Teddy tasked Ajmal Pahari to form terrorist groups to be used as target killers. Within a short span of five months, both Adeel Bhai and Ali Raza managed to set up 12 such terrorist groups, meant to control Karachi through a reign of terror. These teams were armed with latest lethal weapons and were also provided safe havens, many of which are known to have been established in Gaddap-based farmhouses and homes in various localities, where weapons were also stocked. Each team was strictly ordered to remain within the command of its incharges. In his confessional statement before the joint investigation team, Ajmal Pahari said he had killed 53 people during the period of 1986 to 2000. That was all what MQM was bent upon separating Karachi from Sindh, for the sake of creating an independent ‘Jinnahpur’ on India’s backing.

During the investigation, recorded in both audio and video formats, Ajmal divulged that there were 12 active terrorist teams of MQM, controlled by South African based MQM elements. Two special terrorists have been brought in from South Africa to monitor the target killings’ operations here. Both of them are heading 6 teams each of target killers, comprising from different sectors and units. A total of twelve terrorist teams of target killers have been formed by this 4-member MQM group from South Africa, which is in direct contact with MQM’s top London-based leadership. It has also been disclosed that terrorist outfits are being controlled and operated currently by Agha Murtaza alias Adeel Bhai and Siddiq Bhai. These teams /outfits are directly responsible for the target killings in Karachi for over more than a year’s time.

Who are Adeel Bhai and Siddiq Bhai? The target killers don’t know about them. They are the South Africa-based operatives of MQM, and have arrived in Karachi after receiving orders from London-based leadership, and are running target killing operations from 9-Zero headquarters. The London-based MQM leadership has appointed the notorious former sector incharge and terrorist Ali Raza as the operational head of MQM’s South Africa operations; and he is under close watch of Adeel Bhai, a trusted name with the London leader ship in S A. In 2008, the London-based leadership tasked Adeel Bhai to form 15 reliable and autonomous terrorist groups with no connection with any Karachi set up. They would be controlled directly from South Africa only; even orders coming from London would not be honored by these groups.

Following orders of their leadership, Ali Raza and Adeel Bhai contacted notorious murderers in Karachi, while one another South Africa-based activist Qamar Teddy tasked Ajmal Pahari to form terrorist groups to be used as target killers. Within a short span of five months, both Adeel Bhai and Ali Raza managed to set up 12 such terrorist groups, meant to control Karachi through a reign of terror. These teams were armed with latest lethal weapons and were also provided safe havens, many of which are known to have been established in Gaddap-based farmhouses and homes in various localities, where weapons were also stocked. Each team was strictly ordered to remain within the command of its incharges.

After assembling their respective terrorist groups, both notorious incharges contacted London for further instructions; they were directed to send details of these outfits. Ali Raza informed London that he had formed a group in the locale of Liaqatabad, to be operated by a longtime associate Rafi, who would coordinate with Ubaid K-2., while one group had also been formed under Korangi’s Jehangir alias Babboo, followed by a third team of New Karachi sector led by Javed Bhai. The fourth team was formed under Shahid Bhai of Gulshan-e-Iqbal; the fifth team of Orangi town sector was led by Sultan Bhai; sixth team was commanded by Muhammad Bhai of Landhi sector; seventh team by Shahid Bhai of Orangi Town; eighth team by the sector in charge Shakeel Umer Bhai; ninth outfit by Qamar Teddy; tenth by Ajmal Pahari; eleventh by Gul Hassan Zaidi of Gulistan Johar sector; and the twelfth headed by Saeed alias Ahmed.

Each team constituted of 10 to 15 activists from different Units and sectors and Qamar Teddy and Ajmal Pahari kept an eye on them. Qamar and Ajmal would run them own teams while the other would be controlled by Ali Raza . Ali Raza was also informed that he would be receiving direct instructions from MQM Chief, Altaf Hussain or Saleem Shahzad and he would pass the orders to Agha Murtaza @ Adeel Bhai and Siddiq Bhai. Both of them would be monitored by Anees Ahmed Kaim Khani.

Unfurling his identity in front of the investigation panel, Ajmal Pahari confessed that his name was Muhammad Ajmal alias Pahari alias Adnan alias Muhammad Hussain, alias Shahnawaz; while his father’s name was Manzoor Hussain. He was born in Nazimabad No 4 in 1970, and his family shifted to Orangi Town No 1 in 1983. He did his matriculation from Government secondary school Nazimabad No 7, and got married in 1996, has three daughters.

The Siddique-cast target killer resided in Orangi Town and was basically a parking contractor. He accepts that he is an M Q M (Altaf Group) activist and all his criminal activities were for this group. Expert in using various weaponries like TT pistol, Kalashnikov, MP3, rocket launcher, light machine gun, and hand grenades, was arrested by Karachi police under illegal weapons case in 1989 for the first time and was jailed for a year. His second arrest occurred in March 2000, by Artillery Maidan police on the charges of killing Iqbal Raad, counsel for Mian Nawaz Sharif. He was released on parole and bailed in 2005 in Musharaf Era.

Disclosing about his five brothers, Ajmal Pahari told the joint investigation team that Mansoor Ahmad, 53, was a retired officer of excise department; Maqsood Ahmad, 50, is a foreman in KESC; Mahfooz Ahmad, 43, is head constable in traffic police; Arshid Ahmad, 43, is constable in Azizabad police station; and Amjad Ahmad, 41, is doing garments business in Malaysia.

His criminal friends include Muhammad Anwar, member Rabta committee London secretariat, Shakil Ahmad of FBI area, Anis Qaim Khawani- Aziz Abad, Liaqat Qureshi- Liari, Hammad Siddiqui, Saeed Bharam, Kashif David, Zubair of Orangi town, Waseem Boss of Liaqat Abad, Mani of Liaqat Abad, Shafi alias Bilal, Naeem Malah of Lyari, Ali alias Ghani Ranchore Line, Anwar of Pak Colony, Shakil Baba, Imtiaz commando, Master Asad, Qamar Teddy, Javed Lamba of Saddam town, Imtiaz Shah, Zeeshan Ganja of PIB colony, Kalim of Data Nagar, Saeed Ganja, Faisal Lamba, Arshid Chota, Sohail commando, Abid alias Noora Shah, Noshad and Dr Rashid of Liaqat Abad.

As per his statement, he joined the MQM Altaf group unit No 130, Orangi town, in 1986; Master Asad had persuaded him to do so. He and Zeeshan proceeded to Singapore in 1996 under the directives of Nadeem Nusrat. When they reached Singapore, Nadeem told them to meet Jamil alias Jimmi and get further instructions.

According to Ajmal’s statement, they stayed in a Singapore hotel for a week. Jamil alias Jimmy also came to Singapore from South Africa in the mean time; he took their passports and photos and provided them with Indian visas.

“We then reached New Delhi by Singapore airlines. We stayed in New Delhi for 15 days and then we were shifted to a suburb for training. We were accompanied by Abid alias, Noora Shah, Zafar Tension, Rajoo Nazim Abad, Shakir Chota. We received training for a month, which was imparted by Raj, Soraj, Ravi and Salim of Indian army. We spent 6 months in India. Sunni from Karachi and other trainers kept on telling us that we would fight for our rights under the leadership of Altaf Hussain and would try to reshape Karachi as a separate unit. We crossed the Indian border illegally one day after training with an Indian guide and reached Shakar Garh. Later we arrived in Lahore through a Suzuki and traveled to Karachi by train. We separated from each other after reaching Karachi,” he stated.

In his confessional statement before the joint investigation team, Ajmal said he had killed 53 people during the period of 1986 to 2000.

“I have killed Arif Shah, ASI of Orangi town, and Shani, member of MQM Haqiqi in 1994 with the help of Qamar Taddy and Saeed Nagro. I also killed Asghar Pakistani, a worker of PPP, and Yasin at Qatar hospital in Orangi town. I attacked sector office of MQM Haqiqi in 1995 and killed 14 workers. Nasir, Nayab, Rashid Sheikh, Saeed Nagro and others were with me during the attack. I hijacked a coach in Orangi town in 1995 after the death of Farooq Dada in a police encounter. Some 25 passengers were on board we identified 12 of them as Punjabis and Pathans. Separated them from the others and killed them. I along with Javed killed a Bengali in 1995 in Saddam town on the suspicion of being an informer. We gunned down Iqbal Mama, in charge PPP Orangi town along with our other associates. I along with Saeed Ganja attacked police colony Orangi town in 1995 and two policemen were killed. We acquired rocket launchers from Liqatabad Sector along with Ehtesham, Zeeshan Ganja, David, Saeed Bharam and others in 1996, and attacked Sindh secretariat. After this attack, I left for Tehran where I stayed for 2 months. Abdul Qadir Lakhani had provided Rs 50,000 each to me and Zeeshan to flee to Tehran. I killed DSP Shamim in 1997, Faisal Lamba, Kalim and Ehtesham also accompanied me. I, Ehtesham and Kashif gunned down Zohair Akram Nadim, PML-N leader in 1997. I along with Kalim, Kashif, David, Faisal Lamba and Ehtesham i killed 8 workers of MQM Omar Goga group in 1998 in Liaqat Abad, Bakra Piri, Orangi Town No 1 and Orangi Town 2/5 number. I, with the help of Arshid Chota and Sohail Commando, attacked Baitul- Hamza, headquarters of Mohajir Qaumi Movement in 1998, in order to kill Afaq Ahmad. Two workers of MQM Haqiqi were killed during this attack. I along with Asif Don, Sohail Commando, Kashif David, Kalim and Saeed Ganja killed Iqbal Raad, counsel for Mian Nawaz Sharif, on the instructions of Muhammad Anwar, member of coordination committee in 2000. Later, I was arrested on the charges of this murder and was bailed out in 2005.

“Muhammad Anwar called me to Dubai after my release. I along with Liaqat Qureshi, Shakil Omar, Imtiaz Commando and Saeed Bharam met Muhammad Anwar at Fandiq hotel, who directed me to set up a team for target killers. He also handed over a list to me of opponents of MQM and the workers of MQM who had joined underworld.”

Ajmal further divulged that from 2005-2007, they killed MQM workers as per the hit-list given by member Rabta Committee Muhammad Anwar. According to the list, Ehtasham from Gulbahar was killed by Waseem Boss of Liaqat Abad; Mani killed Tariq Mand Hani; Shani and Bilal killed Aslam, Kashif; David killed Delawar; and Ali killed Imran. While in 2006, Naeem Mullah killed 6 workers of Muhajir Qaumi Movement Haqeeqi (MQM-H), and in 2008, eight workers of MQM were killed on the instructions of the party leadership because they were trying to join the ‘under world’ mafia.

As per the investigation reports, two teams were formed under Saeed Bharm and Ajmal to kill the MQM workers on the hit list.

The report reveals that from 2005 to 2011, Ajmal Pahari and his team killed more than 40 workers of MQM-H, including 6 from Ranchore Line, 5 from Korangi, 5 from Liaqat Abad, 6 from New Karachi, 1 from Taimoria, 1 from North Nazimabad, 4 from Gulistan Johar, 4 from PIB Colony, 2 from Pak Colony, 1 from Bilal Colony, 2 from Lines Area and 4 from Liyari.

Muhajir Qaumi Movement’s leader Badar Iqbal was also killed by Ali and Dr. Rasheed on the orders of Ajmal Pahari.

Ajmal Pahari, in his statement in front of the Joint Investigation Team, further stated that in November, 2010, Ameer Ahmad Qaim Haqqani called him at Nine Zero and gave him the task to kill Bihari Qaumi Movement’s Leader Aftab Malik. Ajmal further delegated the task to Naushad and Manzoor, who killed him on 26 November, 2010. MQM was suffering gravely in Orangi Town due to his presence.

In the end of 2010 and starting of 2011, some members belonging to Fiqa-e-Jaferia were killed near Golimar in sectarian clashes. Upon this Member National Assembly Haider Abbas Rizvi called me, Saeed Bharam and Imtiaz at Nine Zero and inquired that who was killing members of Fiqa-e-Jaferia. “After investigation, we informed Haider Abbas Rizvi that a worker of banned Sepah Sahaba, Zeeshan Siraj, is behind these incidents. Haider Abbas Rizvi gave me the task to kill Zeeshan Siraj. Therefore, after planning, Naushad and I kidnapped Zeeshan Siraj and took him to Ali Garh Town at the residence of Kaleem Ullah and Niaz, and we shot him there.

Regarding the distribution of weapons, Ajmal Pahari told the joint investigation team that in 2000, Hamad Siddiqui gave him 14 Kalashnikovs and 2,000 cartages. Four Kalashnikovs were given to Ali, 2 to Kashif David, 2 to Arif of Lines Area, and 1 to Naeem mulla Liyari. “Later, on demand of Nine Zero, Hamad Siddiqui gave me 2 rocket launchers, hand grenades, G-III Rifles and a large quantity of rounds.”

According to the report, tasks regarding target killings were assigned to Ajmal Pahari by member Rabta Committee Muhammad Anwar from London Secretariat, MNA Haider Abbas Rizvi from Nine Zero; Deputy Convener Anees Ahmed Qaim Khani, Shakeel Umer and Liaqat Qureshi.

According to the Karachi Police sources, investigation officers have been scared of Ajmal Pahari, who is involved in more than 100 incidents of target killing. In spite of 10 days physical remand, police have only arrested him in 18 murderer cases, Even though the accused has confessed of 58 murders from 2005 to 2010 in his audio and video statements to the Joint Investigation Team.

Police sources have disclosed that CCPO Karachi Saud Aziz had nominated 18 Police Stations from where investigation officers were supposed to investigate Ajmal Pahari. The investigation officers who have nominated Ajaml in murder charges have not even been one to one with him. These include Orangi Town Police Station, Pakistan Bazar Police Station, Iqbal Market Police Station, Moman Abad Police Station, Pak Colony Police Station, Sarjani Town Police Station, New Karachi Police Station, Nazim Abad Police Station, Liaqat Abad Police Station, and Bilal Colony Police Station. However, limited progress has been made to this effect.

Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza was about to strangle the target killers, but due to his removal from the office of home minister, police officers, who were playing an active role against the terrorists, are now seized with uncertainty. It is worth mentioning here that before the dismissal of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, these police officers had arrested Ajmal Pahari and many other dangerous terrorists. 

Some political circles are of the view that if Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Mirza had remained in office, then it might had been possible to counter target killings in Karachi. But, unfortunately Mr Mirza has been removed with the same pace by which he was moving against the killers.

Our government has once again disappointed the people of Karachi by removing him. It is regrettable that the so-called peacemakers are not actually in favor of peace in Karachi. As always, all peace making efforts are being discouraged. It’s just because they don’t want to abolish the exercise of demolishing all opponents which they had started from the Musharf era. 

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